Funny Kids Birthday Poem

Funny Kids Birthday Poem

Today’s featured poem is a funny kids birthday poem. Feel free to include it inside a child’s birthday card to make them laugh.

Birthday Rhyme

Happy birthday,
let’s go play some tunes.
You deserve
colourful balloons.

Which games,
would you like to play,
You can be the hunter,
and I’ll be the prey.

You’re just a kid,
but still getting old.
In a few years,
your toys shall be sold.

I’m not trying,
to get you mad.
Just a little,
angry and sad.

You’re probably thinking,
about your gift.
It’s super heavy,
watch out when you lift.

This poem is meant,
to make you laugh.
Your cake looks delicious,
please give me half.

Happy birthday,
one more time.
Hope you enjoyed,
your birthday rhyme.


You may also simply email this poem to the birthday girl or boy, or even text it to them (since most kids have cell phones these days). But I’m old school myself, so I would just print it out, decorate it, and then share it, once it’s personalized.

Kid’s birthday parties are a lot of fun. There’s always so much to do and enjoy for all the children attending. So you may want to help your children write their own poem following one of these celebrations. This will allow them to express themselves and how they feel on paper.

Something like that will also enable them to showcase their creativity.

One of my nephew’s birthdays is just around the corner. He’s one of those super energetic kids that is also pretty funny. So I’m hoping today’s poem will entertain him.

Whether it’s you or your kid that is attending the party; good luck with sharing the funny birthday poem. Don’t forget to have fun.