Funny Christmas Poem About My Dog Clara

I woke up Christmas morning,
and joyfully cheered,
dashed quickly downstairs,
my dog had a beard.

I stared at her closely,
and her new fuzzy coat,
it was red, white and shiny,
and she smelled like a goat.

Wondering what happened,
I heard snores from her bed,
Took a quick glance,
It was Santa and Fred,

Clara my dog,
was drooling above,
Santa was covered,
With slime, kibbles and love.

Santa woke up,
he yawned with a bark,
when crashed into Clara,
it must have been dark.

The magic was fading,
Clara was losing her beard,
Santa stopped scratching his ears,
It all seemed so weird.

When she finally barked,
Oh, the joy that I felt,
Santa was gone,
the snow started to melt.

Fred the Elf,
was still fast asleep,
it seemed he counted,
too many sheep.

They became friends,
a dog an elf,
she waited for him,
to jump off the shelf.

Lily & Amelia