A Funny Birthday Poem for a Friend

A Funny Birthday Poem for a Friend

Have you ever shared a funny birthday poem with a friend?

I have on several occasions and the typical reactions are usually of surprise and appreciation. I’ve realized that rhyming birthday poetry is catchy and different. Most people will simply share a standard birthday greeting card, where they usually write, “Happy Birthday from – ”.

But if you choose to include a birthday poem inside the card instead, your card will definitely stand apart from the rest.

Feel free to use the one below. Best of luck!

Birthday Test

Happy birthday,
my partner in crime.
I promise, this poem,
won’t take up much time.

Today we must examine,
your exact age.
Along with the cause,
of all of your rage.

Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t think you’re crazy.
You’re way beyond that,
and sometimes you’re lazy.

This birthday poem,
is not meant to critique.
But I’ll admit,
you’re definitely unique.

You’re an interesting,
Human being.
All the doctors and scientists,
are finally agreeing.

Today is your birthday,
so just be yourself.
Even if you look,
a bit like an elf.

I promise to stop,
making fun of you.
The day that pigs fly,
and the cows turn all blue.

If you’re still smiling,
you’ve passed the test.
Now maintain that smile,
that’s my only request.

by tree.cards

Another thing I realized is that the age of the recipient does not matter. Whether you share it with a young child or an elderly person, the gratitude is usually the same.

I’ve also noticed that funny birthday poems are quite popular. This means you don’t need to include a purely sentimental poem inside the greeting card. However, you may if you like.

Personally, I usually opt for the funny ones. Maybe because I enjoy seeing everyone laugh as a result. But if you’d like the best of both worlds you may combine a sentimental birthday poem with a funny one.

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem, and hope you get chance to share it with a close friend of yours.