Funny Birthday Invitation Poem

Funny Birthday Invitation Poem

I’m excited about writing today’s featured poem, which will be a funny birthday invitation poem. I think it’s a cool and unique way that we may choose to invite our family and friends to our birthday party. If the invitation is funny and memorable, your guests will laugh and mark the date on their calendar.

Alright, let’s see what we could come up with.

Time My Thief

There’s some bad news,
I really need to share.
Please calm down,
and sit down in a chair.

An awful event,
is about to transpire.
I wish I could stop it,
with water or fire.

We will all need to,
come to terms and accept.
For the past few days,
I’ve cried and just wept.

It’s not my intention,
to confuse nor to stress.
I shall reveal it,
there’s no need to guess.

In a few short days,
I shall lose another year.
It’s my birthday,
for which I truly fear.

I’m inviting you,
to share my grief.
And celebrate,
with Time My Thief.


I just realized that I’ve never written an invitation poem like this one before. It’s definitely not your typical birthday invitation that one might expect to receive. But I think it’s unique and different enough to catch people’s attention. I also hope you found it funny.

The idea for this tragedy style poem came from listening to my friends and family members referring to their upcoming birthdays as something they don’t wish to think about. They see aging as a tragedy of life, and they don’t wish to be reminded.

But I strongly disagree, because aging is something none of us can stop or control. So we might as well celebrate our lives through birthdays. Some people don’t like to be the center of attention. That’s why they may try to avoid celebrating their birthdays.

I think birthdays are very important, because they give us the opportunities to get together and catch up. So it’s not about just the host, it’s about everyone attending and mingling.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading today’s funny birthday invitation poem and remember to use it for your next birthday.