Friendship Poems

Friendship Poems

You may share the following rhyming friendship poems with your dear friends. I'm sure they will appreciate that you were thinking of them and decided to do something so kind. I also hope that these verses strengthen your relationships with them.

We all know that our friends are very important to us in our lives.

It's very important for all of us to have great friends that we could depend on.

I think that's what the first friendship poem tries to express.

Without close friends, all of our lives would be quite lonely and definitely not as fun.

I hope all your friendships bring joy and happiness to your every day, and may a dear friend never be far away in your life. Enjoy!

My Dear Friend

I'm truly honoured,
that you're my dear friend.
These words from my mind,
I wish to extend.

You're pretty special,
you are the type,
that lives life honestly,
without ego or hype.

With you I may talk,
for hours on end.
Every moment,
I'm grateful to spend.

You listen eagerly,
when I vent or complain.
You understand,
when I'm feeling pain.

Let me proclaim,
you're a wonderful friend.
Who I may count on,
and always depend.

Thank you for everything,
to me you are dear.
It means a lot,
whenever you're near.


Spending time with our friends is one of those things that brings joy to our lives. The next poem talks about creating memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

Time of our Lives

Life always offers,
options and choice.
We hope our paths,
bring us rejoice.

The journey's we take,
are often alone.
But sometimes it's wiser,
to pick up the phone.

So much more sweeter,
with a friend or a few.
The history of time,
holds memories like glue.

Beautiful moments,
with friends we create.
In our minds forever,
brings joy to each plate.

No matter how small,
we must savour the taste.
Friendships need time,
dissolve upon haste.

Every good friend,
passionately strives,
always seeks truth,
and the time our lives.


I'm sure you can recall wonderful moments with friends throughout your life where you guys had the time of your lives. Looking back at mine, these moments have been truly sweet.

The next poem asks a simple but fundamental question. It asks, what is a friend?

What is a Friend?

Someone we trust,
and someone we care.
Our deepest secrets,
with a friend we do share.

Times when we're lonely,
and covered in fear.
A good loyal friend,
will always be near.

A friend will not criticize,
nor ruthlessly judge.
Towards our dreams,
faithfully nudge.

Attentively listen,
and offers advice.
A friend keeps no tabs,
never looks at the price.

Picks up our stress,
and brings joy with a joke.
A friend feeds us laughter,
in memories we soak.

A friend is everything,
and always much more.
With a huge smile,
a friend opens the door.


Some of us may have slightly different definitions of what a friend means to us. But overall, I think we all agree that a friend is a person in our lives that we may always depend on, no matter what.

Our friends are those who we trust fully, and are able to ask for their advice whenever we need. We should also keep in mind that friendships are two way streets. The goodwill, concern, and favors must be exchanged mutually in order for the friendship to be authentic.

Thanks for reading these friendship poems. Hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family.