First Birthday Poem

First Birthday Poem

I wrote this poem for my baby girl Lily for her first birthday. Feel free to share it with family and friends next time you are celebrating a baby's first birthday. Just remember to change the name in the poem from Lily to the baby who is celebrating her or his 1st birthday. Enjoy!

Our Lily - So Dear

Happy first birthday,
sweet baby of ours,
our hearts and our souls,
you covered with flowers.

Twelve months have passed,
with moments engraved,
our purpose in life,
you instantly paved.

Happy first birthday,
we’re doing our best,
your mommy is tired,
and needs lots of rest.

But everything is perfect,
in our eyes, as you stare,
how to love and live life,
we’ll teach you and share.

Happy first birthday,
just yesterday it all seems,
you completed our family,
and fulfilled all our dreams.

Remember to live life,
with dignity and grace,
forever our baby,
we’ll kiss and embrace.

Happy first birthday,
our Lily so dear,
thank you so much,
for the most beautiful year.