Fall Is Here

Fall Is Here

Fall arrived about two weeks ago, but I just realized yesterday that the leaves are beginning to change. The sight of this seasonal transition has inspired me to write the following poem about the arrival of fall.

Falling Blind

Early morning,
I wake up cold,
Darkness prevails,
like a knight that’s bold.

I put on my smile,
as I dress,
Autumn’s chill,
will depress.

Hours later,
the sun chooses to arrive,
My spirit agrees,
that we shall thrive.

Yet, I still look away,
I am blind,
I’m self-confined.

My hunger wakes me,
right at noon,
I look outside,
and leave Ms. June

The splendid beauty,
I finally wake,
My blindness has been,
a true mistake.

Refreshing breezes,
the season brings,
Each rainbow leaf,
Dances and sings.

Trees no longer,
boring nor plain,
Nature’s actors,
in a playful domain.

Finally, I wake,
as I feel the chill,
My appreciation for autumn,
I blindly kill.

by tree.cards

I had a lot of fun writing this poem about autumn. It talks about how many of us feel towards the fall season. Most of us (including myself) don’t exactly appreciate the chilly breeze that we feel in the early morning.

We go to work or school, and blindly go about our day, without even taking a good look outside. At the beauty of this season.

Don’t get me wrong, there are moments where we do acknowledge autumn’s beauty. But it seems like these moments last until the next time we feel a chilly breeze against our backs or legs.

To me it just seems like there moments are very short-lived. I think we should strive to prolong them. One way of doing this is by going out to our local park and taking some pictures on a Sunday afternoon.

We’re planning to go this Friday (can’t wait). If you’d like to share some nice autumn pictures that you’ve taken, simply forward them to me, and I’ll do my best to post them up for all to see.