Coffee Poem

Coffee Poem

Even though I’m not a big coffee fan myself, this morning I’ve decided to write a poem about coffee. I did receive a really great Cuisinart coffee maker a few years ago as a gift. But it doesn't get used very often unless we have company.

Coffee is obviously the most popular morning beverage among adults in many parts of the world. I’m hoping my poem explores the fascination and even obsession many people share towards coffee.

Go grab a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the following poem.

Cup of Coffee

A sip of coffee,
Immediately wakes.
It’s a close companion,
with the tired and breaks.

Is it the taste,
or is it the scent,
Announces each morning,
wide-eyed intent.

Choices are plentiful,
Columbian is rich.
A morning without some,
brings an irritable twitch.

Many disciples,
require more than just one.
To prevent their eyelids,
from weighing a tonne.

Personalized combinations,
of sugar and cream.
Adjust the taste,
and prevent a new dream.

For many disciples,
it’s not even a choice.
Since a cup of coffee,
wakes up their voice.


If you really think about it, coffee actually wakes up a very large percentage of our working population every single morning. That’s absolutely amazing, how a single beverage has penetrated our society and carries so much influence.

Many people out there admit that they wouldn’t be able to function without their morning cup of coffee. Personally, I’ve never liked the taste. Water or life itself seems to wake me up. I just try to focus my thoughts on seizing the day (that’s my mental cup of morning coffee).

Going back to coffee, some of us enjoy drinking it, and do so leisurely as well. Others rely on it as a necessity in the morning. There are coffee fanatics amongst us as well. Some people drink close to 10 cups of coffee throughout the day. That’s an extreme for sure.

I’m fascinated at the variety of choices of coffees that we all have. At the end of the day, or I should say, “at the beginning of each day”, each person has a choice of brand and type of beans. This would turn this post into a very long one if I attempted to name just a fraction of options coffee lovers around the world possess.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just drinking out of necessity, I hope you enjoyed today’s coffee poem, and I also hope you enjoy your next cup of coffee.