A Christmas Poem By A 7 Year Old Kid

A Christmas Poem By A 7 Year Old Kid

Today’s featured poem is a Christmas poem that was written by my 7 year old nephew Sebastian. Just like any kid his age, he’s very excited about Christmas, and expresses his thoughts through this poem. Sebastian would like to dedicate this poem to his wonderful mom.

Christmas Cheer

Ho, Ho, Ho,
Christmas is near.
We’re super excited,
and filled with cheer.

We can’t wait until,
the first snowflake falls.
Boys will ask Santa for cars,
and girls will wish for dolls.

Each Christmas tree,
so beautiful and tall.
While Santa’s elves,
are extra small.

With family and friends,
we share a good time.
Snowy hills,
we get to climb.

We can’t wait until we hear,
reindeer bells on the roof.
All our presents,
are the proof.

by Sebastian