Chess Poem

Chess Poem

My passion for chess has inspired me to write the following poem about chess.

I’ve been playing chess casually since the age of 4, when my grandfather bought me this beautiful chess set and taught me how to play.

Unfortunately, I have played chess as much as I would have liked over the past few years. But I hope, this poem serves as a little reminder for me and maybe for you, to relax once in a while and play some chess.


In front of the king,
white moves his pawn.
The opponent begins,
with a sign and yawn.

White Bishop from C,
moves to F five.
Followed by adrenaline,
Queen is more than alive.

Black moves his pawn,
foolishly to B four.
It looks tragically close,
to the end of his war.

The white Queen glides,
elegantly to the right side.
Shocks her opponent,
and rips out his pride.

It was a beautifully executed,
and efficient checkmate.
Opponent lacked caution,
and now rest with his fate.

This wonderful game,
that we all call chess.
Your odds are reduced,
each time you guess.

Remember to follow,
your strategy and tact.
When you see opportunity,
make sure you act.

At the end of the day,
hope you enjoy.
Many sweet games,
it’s much more than a toy.


I think chess is truly a beautiful game, that should be celebrated, and enjoyed by anyone who is curious enough to learn.