Celebration of Life Poem

Celebration of Life Poem

I really enjoyed writing today’s celebration of life poem. It’s a poem that you may share with anyone at any time. I hope it reminds others that life is so precious and should be celebrated all the time. Not just on holidays or special occasions.


She was wearing old sneakers,
as she looked up at the sky.
Dreaming of wings,
like a bird she would fly.

To remove built up stress,
the purpose of her walk.
Early evening Wednesday,
felt peaceful silence, with no one to talk.

Her walk morphed into a jog,
more energized with each stride.
Her confidence took charge,
she had nothing to hide.

Each stride accepted her,
both mind and curve.
Her entire existence,
she could clearly observe.

She found a beautiful tree,
and danced like she’s free.
Celebrating her life,
this was the key.

When she returned,
her spirit was high.
She smiled knowing,
like a bird she could fly.

by tree.cards

Personally, I think the key to being able to celebrate life each day is through happiness. This happiness and joy that I speak of must present in our minds, bodies, and actions.

It’s important to stop ourselves during our daily routines, and consciously observe what we are doing or saying. I try to do this all the time. It’s definitely much more difficult when I’m focused on my work. That’s why I try to incorporate my work with happy feelings, along with my purpose.

For example, I visit my parents once every few weeks. Each time I see them, I try to behave and talk as if we’re celebrating someone’s birthday. So I focus on the little things, including all those moments that we share (where many are funny).

We all have our own ways of feeling happy and celebrating life. Whether it’s a hobby or spending time with family and friends, we should do it with big smiles.

Today’s poem was motivated by how I feel sometimes when my body and mind are fatigued and I lose sight of the big picture. When this happens, I go for a nice exhausting jog. These jogs recalibrate me, and place me back on the right path. Following these jogs, I feel more alive and more human. I begin to think about the people I should call or see, and the things I should do to bring joy to the people in my life.

At the end of the day, I am reminded, that life should be celebrated constantly. Even on a cloudy, uneventful, November morning. It’s 8:35 am, and I am motivated to seize this day, because this particular one, will never be repeated.