Broken Friendship Poem

Broken Friendship Poem

Today’s broken friendship poem talks about a friendship that was strong in the past but eventually faded away. Friendships may break or end for countless reasons. Sometimes it’s worth saving it, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes it’s just not possible.

Has Come to an End

Our friendship lasted,
for so many years,
Shared countless moments,
along with our fears.

I won’t lie, about
the times that we’ve spent,
Lots of fun,
they did represent.

Our friendship,
has come to an end,
Future moments,
we won’t get to spend.

Whatever has happened,
we cannot deny,
It’ll never be fixed,
don’t bother to try.

Our paths are carved,
in opposite ways,
I wish you the best,
till the end of your days.


In reality, not all friendships are meant to last. People change. Circumstances change. Sometimes a specific event or fight will result in the ending of a friendship. Often times, things can still be fixed between long-lasting friends, but other times they can’t.

We all experience the breakup of certain friendships in our lives. Over time our views and lifestyles change, and therefore we lose the compatibility we used to have with some of our friends.

This is often evident when there’s a significant transition such as from high school to university. Some individuals mature faster than others (some never do), and this often puts a strain on friendships that are difficult to mend. Other times people simply drift apart for no apparent reason. Maybe they get very busy with family and work. I’ve experiences this myself.

The main reason that I believe that some friendships don’t work out is because individuals are not willing to put the necessary effort to sustain the friendship. They may simply think that it’s not worth it. This is often the result of conflicting views or a result of harm that was caused by one or both individuals.

Lack of thoughtfulness is a huge reasons I believe many friendships fail and end up breaking up. True friendships need to be rooted on trust and empathy. When that empathy dissolves, it’s very difficult to sustain the relationship.

Hope today’s broken friendship poem helped.

Best of luck,