Birthday Poems

Birthday Poems

I'm really excited about sharing the following birthday poems with you. I tried to make sure they are all interesting and unique. Choose and share the ones you like the most. Enjoy!

Oh, and here's some invitation poems that you may find useful when working on your next birthday invites.

As the title indicates, the first poem is meant to be shared with a friend.

Sometimes we may forget some of our friend's birthdays (or they may forget ours).

Well, hopefully the verse below takes care of that dilemma and helps strengthen the friendships of your choice.

You may also want to take a look at one of these birthday verses for friends.

Dear Old Friend

Happy birthday,
my dear old friend.
These birthday wishes,
I wish to extend.

It doesn't matter,
the age that you've turned.
These candles and memories,
you certainly have earned.

Looking back,
at all those wonderful years.
Many were filled,
with joy and sweet cheers.

May this birthday,
be your very best.
To have you as my friend,
I have been blessed.

Another year,
I hope that it's kind.
With warmth in your heart,
and peace in your mind.

Happy birthday,
my dear old friend.
Precious time with you,
I'm hoping to spend.


A Birthday Poem that Talks About Flowers

The next birthday poem must be shared with a nice bouquet of flowers. It may be shared with a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or someone close. As you can see, it's very sentimental, and will melt any lady's heart. Good luck!

Flowers of the Heart

Look outside,
it's a beautiful day.
flowers have formed,
a splendid bouquet.

Each has been chosen,
with the outmost of care.
To bring you a smile,
right now as I share.

We celebrate with joy,
the day of your birth.
I wish I could give you,
every flower on earth.

On the fields of happiness,
these flowers have grown.
Like the years in the wind,
each petal has flown.

Please accept these words,
and this humble bouquet.
The flowers in my heart,
I shall always display.


I think this last poem would be perfect for mom. If you need a few more to choose from, then I recommend these cute bday poems for moms.

I'm sure she will love that one. Just don't forget to buy some nice flowers.

I really had a blast writing the next birthday poem (maybe because I love books).

Therefore, I recommend you share it with all the literary fanatics in your life. I know I will.

Well, if my life was a book, I'd be a couple pages into chapter 3, LOL.

Talking about books, I still have many sitting on my bookshelf that I haven't finished reading yet. I'm hoping to get to those, eventually!

If Your Life Was a Book

If your life was a book,
you've just turned a page.
Decades are chapters,
and a new view to engage.

Moments in time,
just like each word.
Share it with others,
and your life shall be heard.

We celebrate your birthday,
each sentence and line.
Choose what to write,
and your book will just shine.

With the very first word,
your story began.
To write truthfully,
that was the plan.

As your novel continues,
with each passing page.
Don't be concerned,
with the corners nor age.

Make sure you write freely,
with passion and care.
Your life is a book,
it's special and rare.


The next poem talks about a birthday party and is fairly general, so it may be shared with both young and old. I also added a little bit of a modern touch to it in the last stanza.

But if you prefer birthday poems that contain the phrase, "Happy Birthday", then I recommend these, ones.

I think it's the type of poem that may easily be posted onto someone's Facebook wall. I better go check if there's any birthdays this week.

Birthday Party

All of these presents,
to whom they belong?
Let's huddle together,
and sing that old song.

Deliciously rich,
wow, what a cake!
The party is starting,
make sure you're awake.

They jump up surprised!
when he pops a balloon.
Dancing begins,
with a trendy new tune.

Happy pictures,
randomly snapping.
The hilarious clown,
soaked with plenty of clapping.

It's nice to surprise,
the hostess or host.
Smiles are shared,
during the speech or the toast.

All the birthday wishes,
are friendly and sweet.
Those who can't make it,
should - "like it" or "tweet".


If you'd like to make your family and friends laugh on their bday, then I recommend you check out these humorous verses that talk about birthdays.

If your sister will be celebrating her birthday soon, then you should definitely take a look at these poems. I'm sure she'd be grateful if you shared one of them with her.

We can't forget about our brothers. That's where these birthday verses come into play. I'm sure your brother will like them (especially the funny one).

The next birthday poem is a very simple one. The third line in each stanza is the only one that changes (the rest repeat).

I think it's a nice little poem that gives you the opportunity to wish others good things in their lives. You decide for yourself.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday,
and a beautiful day.
Wishing you health,
I just want to say.

Happy birthday,
and a beautiful day,
Wishing you happiness,
I just want to say.

Happy birthday,
and a beautiful day,
Wishing you success,
I just want to say.

Happy birthday,
and a beautiful day,
Wishing you peace,
I just want to say.

Happy birthday,
and a beautiful day,
Wishing you love,
I just want to say.

Happy birthday,
and a beautiful day,
I hope all your wishes,
come true and will stay.


The above birthday verses may be shared with pretty much anyone. It's general enough to have a universal appeal.

Here's a funny one that talks about a birthday cake.

The next birthday poem is among my very favorite ones. Not only is it different, but it also contains the metaphor comparing the flowing stream with the passage of time (and birthday moments of course).

Birthday Moments

Another candle,
another dream.
Birthday moments,
flow down the stream.

No way to stop it,
no way to pause.
Enjoy while it lasts,
accept all its flaws.

You're a fish in the stream,
we focus on you.
How much you have aged,
or how much you grew.

Bathing in moments,
seems like a blink.
To stop the stream,
beginning to think.

Another nice birthday,
there's always next year.
How to freeze this one,
it's obviously clear.

In all the moments,
joyfully soak.
The stream shall pause,
when memories evoke.


Looking back at the poem, I can't help but think about all of those birthdays that have come and gone. My family, friends, and I have celebrated many dozens of birthdays. In reality, we cannot just freeze time and relive those precious moments.

However, in our minds, we may do so anytime we want. Pictures and videos help us relive them. For that I am infinitely grateful.

The next poem may also be shared with anyone. But I recommend that you share it with someone who is slightly older (50+). Don't get me wrong, I do agree that today's fifty is like yesterday's forty.

But there's also the topic of birthday milestones. I'm talking about some of the biggest ones, such as your 40th and 50th birthday.

Since those milestones are exceptionally important, I decided to create sections dedicated to both the 40th and 50th birthday milestones. Hope you like them.

One of a Kind

I'm so happy to be here,
and excited to share.
This time on your birthday,
with a person I care.

Another beautiful year,
you have graciously turned.
Our blessings and wishes,
you've certainly earned.

Hope you relax,
and set your mind free.
This is your day,
and you have the key.

Allow me to wish you,
lots of great health,
and infinite happiness,
with inner sweet wealth.

May the joys of today,
remain in your mind.
You're truly special,
you're one of a kind.


Letting someone know that they are, "one of a kind", will definitely make them feel truly special. Well that's the goal behind the above poem. Best of luck!

You may wish to share the last birthday poem with a close friend or family member.

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday,
I wish you the best.
May you celebrate,
with smiles and zest.

I sincerely hope,
your wishes come true.
and life treats you well,
with a wonderful view.

You're in my life,
and I'm truly glad.
If we were strangers,
I would be sad.

You're a person,
that easily inspires.
I wish you everything,
your kind heart desires.

Just one more wish,
and countless more years.
Filled with happiness,
and long-lasting cheers!


Well, I hope you enjoyed reading the birthday poetry on this page. Best of luck sharing these poems with your loved ones.

You'll also find a nice collection of birthday poems at

That was my very first poetry website, and it brings back wonderful memories when I think about how it all started.

Sharing birthday poems with the world (and my family and friends) has been truly a wonderful adventure.

Thank you for reading and sharing my birthday verses for so many years. I hope they brought you and will continue to bring you lots of joy!