Birthday Poems For Kids

Birthday Poems For Kids

Now let's take a look at a few birthday poems for kids.

The first one talks about a little girl who is initially upset because she doesn't feel that she should be doing work on her birthday.

I think it's a nice poem that you may share with a girl up to the age of 12 or so.

I'm thinking of sharing it with my niece in a few weeks (she's turning 11).

Birthday Surprise

Suzy woke up,
with a smile on her face.
It was her birthday,
and she felt like an ace.

She ran to the kitchen,
hungry like a bear,
and sat down proudly,
in her favorite blue chair.

Her parents greeted her,
with warm birthday hugs,
and her little brother,
gave dirty gross bugs.

Suzy's mom asked her,
if she would go to the store,
This was her birthday,
so what's with the chore?

At the grocery store,
she pushed the shopping cart.
It was a horrible birthday,
she knew in her heart.

Her mom carried the groceries,
when they came from the store.
With her head pointing down,
Suzy opened the door.

Suddenly - SURPRISE!
they all shouted and yelled.
Suzy was shocked,
her red cheeks just swelled.

Suzy laughed and partied,
with her family and friends.
She had a wonderful birthday,
and that's how it ends.


So it turned out that Suzy's mom took her to the grocery store so that the rest of her family could prepare her birthday surprise. Feel free to use the same tactic, just make sure you take your time at the grocery store.

My daughters received Hatchimals Colleggtibles for their birthday last year. We'll see what they ask for this time. I'm hoping it will be more educational or a strategy game that will work their brains, like one of these Settlers of Catan board games.

Here's a cute birthday poem that kids may share with their friends on their birthdays. You may ask your son or daughter to write it inside a birthday card that they will share with a friend at the next birthday party.

Let them choose the verses they would like to include inside the card. Also, encourage them to write some of their own

Fun Birthday

It's your birthday,
let's have some fun.
We'll play some tag,
and laugh as we run.

There are so many games,
we may simply choose.
It doesn't matter,
if we win or we lose.

Your birthday will be,
fantastically funny.
I hope your cake,
tastes just like honey.

Enjoy your balloons,
and all of that noise.
You must be thinking,
about gifts that are toys.

So happy birthday,
it's yours and it's cool.
It's time to party,
and not think of school.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, beautiful child,
Sometimes you're normal, sometimes you're wild.
You may need to move to the zoo,
Live with monkeys, and clean up their pooh.

Happy birthday, hope you like toys,
We all know, you're a big fan of noise.
Hope you enjoy your delicious cake,
Deep inside, there might be a snake.

Your birthday celebration, we're all here to share,
We love you dearly, and very much care.
One more thing we'd like to say,
Get off your butt and go and play.


All kids love birthday celebrations, especially their own. They receive lots of attention and generous gifts. The best part is being able to party with all your friends.

Your Birthday

It's your birthday, let's go crazy,
It's not time to be lazy.
Let's play games and jump around,
Where's the music, where's the sound?

It's your party, you choose the theme,
It's so much fun, is this a dream?
Let's have pizza, it tastes real yummy,
Two small slices, will fill your tummy.

What about a funny clown?
Is there one in this old town?
Whatever you do, make sure to have fun,
It's your birthday, enjoy the sun.