Birthday Poems for Brothers

Birthday Poems for Brothers

This section features several birthday poems that were written for brothers. So if you have a wonderful brother in your life, share one of these verses with him on his birthday.

The first one, turned out to be a very simple and sentimental one.

It basically talks about the relationship you may have with your brother, while wishing him all the best.

I think the very first line in the first stanza, summarizes it very well.

It mentions that, "you're not just my brother,". Meaning, that the bond is much more deeper and goes beyond genetics or simple family ties.

I'm assuming that you share a close relationship with your brother (if you plan on giving him the first poem).

My Brother, My Friend

You're not just my brother,
but also my friend.
This birthday with you,
I'm excited to spend.

There's just a few things,
my heart needs to say.
Wish you a beautiful life,
with each passing day.

Whenever I needed you,
you've always been there.
Amongst our differences,
you knew how to care.

We've shared happy moments,
and even some tears.
I'm really grateful,
for all of those years.

It's not just a birthday,
it's clearly much more.
We'll celebrate you,
who I truly adore.

You're not just my brother,
but also my friend.
My love and my thoughts,
with joy I extend.


Happy Birthday Brother Poem

Here's a short happy birthday brother poem that repeats, "Happy Birthday" at the beginning of every other stanza. Hope your brother likes it:)

My Brother

Happy birthday,
I wish you today,
words from my heart,
that I'd like to convey.

You are my brother,
and I'm really glad.
Both interesting and smart,
allow me to add.

Happy birthday,
thanks for your smile.
It fits in perfectly,
with your warm friendly style.

Hope you enjoy,
all the gifts you receive.
In your biggest dreams,
I truly believe.

Happy birthday,
One more sweet thought.
You are my brother,
and I love you a lot!


It shouldn't matter whether you're a guy or a girl, anyone should be able to share that poem with his or her brother. The last stanza is the simplest and most powerful in my mind.

I think it's really important for all of us to express our true wishes and feelings for our brothers on their birthdays. It's that one day of the year when we must speak from our hearts and also let our actions speak for themselves as well.

What I'm trying to say is that there are plenty of thoughtful things we can do for our brother on his birthday. It doesn't have to involve a lot of money, but it needs to be something that he loves to do. Whatever that may be.

For example, I have a brother-in-law that has a passion for cars and loves going go carting. So that's something I need to keep in mind for his next birthday.

A Funny Birthday Poem Written for a Brother

The first two verses were more on the sentimental side. Let's switch things up a little bit and write a funny birthday poem that you may share with your brother.

I Know It's Your Birthday

I know it's your birthday,
there's no need to remind.
The gift that I got you,
was not easy to find.

It's not totally elegant,
but it's not totally trash.
There was a hole in my pocket,
so I was a bit short on cash.

But since you're my brother,
I'm sure you'll understand.
Don't mind the style,
or mysterious brand.

Let me be honest,
it's just slightly used.
You better accept it,
I won't be refused.

Am I dragging this poem?
You must be real curious.
But once you see it,
I'm sure you'll be furious.

I know it's your birthday,
there's no need to remind.
This empty box filled with love,
I officially signed.


Now that would be a fun trick to play on your brother. Simply wrap an empty box with birthday wrapping paper and share it with him. Oh, and don't forget to sign the box. You may also want to include the poem inside the box or inside a greeting card. Your choice.

A Birthday Poem from a Sister to Her Wonderful Brother

The next birthday poem is meant to be shared by a sister with her brother. Maybe I'll forward it to my sister so that she may send it to me on my birthday (lol).

My Sweet Brother

A wonderful birthday,
I'm hoping to share.
With a loving sweet brother,
that's unique and rare.

He lives life joyfully,
with a smile so wide.
I know I can always,
trust and confide.

This birthday of his,
is not about age.
He's free to turn,
his path and his page.

Nor on time itself,
it does not depend.
To the love in his heart,
there's never an end.

Since he is my brother,
my fortune is great.
Our paths intersect,
and so does our fate.

Many more wonderful years,
on this earth we shall spend,
and simple birthday wishes,
through my heart I shall send.


I think it would be really nice if a sister shared the above verse with her brother. No matter how macho he may seem, I'm sure he'd like it.

Little Brother Birthday Poem

Are you looking for a specific birthday poem for your younger or little brother?

If that's the case, then you're in luck. The next one is meant to be shared with a little brother. Whether your little brother is turning 5, 15, or 50, I hope he likes it.

Birthday with Sunshine

A birthday with sunshine,
I hope that you feel.
May all of your wishes,
come true and be real.

With a brother like you,
my life has been blessed.
Enjoy your new age.
and begin a new quest.

Remember those times,
we both played outside.
They're dear to my mind,
in my heart they reside.

We'll always be kids,
in the passage of time.
May your birthday today,
be truly sublime.

My gift is our bond,
we'll always be close.
I love you so much,
and I hope that it shows.

A birthday with sunshine,
I hope that you feel.
You bring warmth to my heart,
and I know that it's real.


That was the last one in this section. Now feel free to share any one of these birthday poems with your brother on his birthday. The goal is to put a big smile on his face, and I know you can do it. Best of luck!