Birthday Invitation Poems

Birthday Invitation Poems

Feel free to use these birthday invitation poems with your invites. It's certainly a creative and memorable way to invite your family and friends to your next birthday party.

The first one is meant to be a very general invitation poem, that may apply to virtually any birthday situation.

Just don't forget to change the sample name, time, and location if you decide to use it.

Personally, my favourite invite is probably the 5th one, because it's funny and has the potential to grab their attention.

If your guests laugh while reading it, I'm sure they won't forget to attend, and will make every effort to do so.

Cheerfully Invited

It's Michael's birthday,
and we're all very excited.
You are obviously,
cheerfully invited.

The party will begin,
at exactly 6 o'clock,
We can't wait to see you,
catch up and talk.

555 Park Avenue West,
will be easy to find.
Please write it down,
if it's not in your mind.

It will be a great celebration,
and a wonderful time.
The memories we'll make,
shall be truly sublime.


That was a fairly simple one. You may convert it to first person, if it's your birthday and you're sending out the invites.

The next one is a short birthday invitation poem that you may share with all the guests if you're planning a party for a friend. The party doesn't need to be super formal. Even if you are all just meeting up at a restaurant or local hang out.

Our Close Friend

Please do join us,
at this birthday event.
To share in the celebration,
is the focal intent.

We'll reminisce,
sweet moments and years.
Offer our wishes,
and mutual cheers.

A blink in time,
together we'll spend.
In honour of (name),
our very close friend.


You could share it on Facebook or email it to the guests if it's meant to be a surprise.

Birthday Invitation Poems for Kids

If your child's birthday is just around the corner, you may want to use one of these bday invite poems for kids.

I used a girl's name in this poem, but that doesn't mean you can't use it for a boy's birthday. Both of these kids invites may be used for both girls and boys.

Birthday Time

Hey, it's Samantha's birthday,
come join in the fun.
With your beautiful smile,
you'll bring out the sun.

She'll be super excited,
if you will be there.
A very close friendship,
both of you share.

Many cool games,
you'll play as a team.
The cake has been ordered,
from a magical dream.

Hope you enjoyed,
reading this rhyme.
You better get ready,
it's - Birthday Time!


So what did you think of that one?

It was short and sweet. The next one is slightly longer (by two verses or stanzas I believe).

(Add Your Personal Birthday Phrase)

I have some news,
my birthday is near.
Looks like I'm turning,
another sweet year.

Many fun activities,
I surely have planned.
We may chase some elephants,
if we find enough land.

Imagining my cake,
I'm beginning to drool.
We're not gonna think,
about homework or school.

Hope you can make it,
since you're my dear friend.
I won't want this party,
to finish or end.

Bring lots of laughter,
and your great big smile.
You know me well,
you know my style.

I'm already counting,
the hours and days.
(add your personal phrase),
is my favourite new phrase.


The second poem is pretty cool because your child may add his or her own personal birthday phrase to the title and last stanza. All children are very creative so they won't have any difficulty thinking of something.

This will also help personalize the invitation a little bit, so that they will feel like they helped create it.

Funny Birthday Invitation Poems

Here's a few funny invitations poems that are meant to make your guests laugh while they read your invite.

Weird Friend

Another birthday party,
soon shall occur.
Bring your smile,
and your hairy old fur.

This invite was not sent,
randomly or by mistake.
Unless you're planning,
on devouring the cake.

We're all predicting,
the party will be a blast.
But as long as your gift,
is expensive and vast.

Birthdays are centered,
around consumption and greed.
If you come hungry,
we'll use dog food to feed.

All excuses are denied,
you better attend.
Otherwise you'll lose,
another weird friend.


Alright, so you can share that one with your friends. What about a funny one for both family and friends?

That's where this one comes in. Enjoy!

My Yacht!

It's my birthday,
I don't mean to brag.
Posted my picture,
on a huge rooftop flag.

This birthday,
is not about me.
I love expensive gifts,
since they are all free.

Not trying to be,
rude nor conceited.
My humor glands,
have been recently treated.

there's simply no cure.
I'm beyond intelligent,
wise and mature.

One minor detail,
I nearly forgot.
You are invited,
but not on my yacht!


So what did you think of that one? It's definitely very different from your usual birthday invitations.

I just remembered that my birthday is just a few short days away. I'm thinking of using that poem when inviting family and friends via email. I'm sure they will have a good laugh.

30th Birthday Invitation Poem

I remember my 30th birthday. It was just a few short years ago, and it turned out to be a wonderful party.

Thinking back to that day, inspired me to write the following 30th birthday invitation poem.

Thirty Sweet Years

Thirty sweet years,
have casually passed.
It feels to me,
they've gone way too fast.

Glancing way back,
I had a good time.
Many just say,
you're still in your prime.

I know it's a milestone,
let's leave more than a trace.
A crazy party,
I'll readily embrace.

You must attend,
I hope I am clear.
In my circle of friends,
you've always been dear.

We'll celebrate,
our memories unique.
Smiles and laughter,
shall definitely peak.

I totally accept,
these thirty sweet years.
I hope the next thirty,
bring us many more cheers.


The last stanza makes a lot of sense to me personally and I can connect with it. Just like it states, I do accept my thirty years (a bit more now). I've experienced a lot. Developed lifelong friendships. Shared many beautiful moments with those who are close to me, and most importantly, met my wife and got married a few months before my 30th birthday.

So based on all of that, I've been very fortunate. I also hope and believe that my next 30 years will bring many more wonderful experiences and cheers!

40th Birthday Invitation Poem

A 40th birthday is one of the most popular/celebrated milestones. There are countless jokes, funny t-shirts, and keepsakes associated with this event.

Since 40th birthday celebrations are often a surprise, I decided to write the following 40th birthday invitation poem in the form of a surprise. You may need to switch the gender and name for your personalized version. I used the name Peter for the example.

40th Surprise

It's Peter's 40th,
let's make it a surprise.
Our ultimate goal,
shock and wide eyes.

We'll show him that life,
begins with the big four - O.
Even though his limbs,
have become a bit slow.

They say at 40,
you still have some youth.
That's a sure lie,
but don't tell him the truth.

Before 5 o'clock,
make sure you arrive.
To keep it a secret,
we all need to strive.

Peter will remember,
this birthday forever.
We need to coordinate,
and show that we're clever.

We'll have a good time,
sweet memories we'll share.
If you're older than him,
try not to scare.


I hope the surprise works out great. Just thinking about it, my 40th is not that far away. Right now it may seem like it is. But in reality, those years will surely fly right by, and next thing I know, I'll be showcasing my wide eyed expression to all my guests.

50th Birthday Invitation Poem

Here's a 50th birthday invitation poem that is called, "Over The Hill". Just like the previous one, it's also intended to be funny, and make the guests laugh.

Over The Hill

Guess who's on the verge,
of over the hill?
Do you need clues,
should I show you her will?

Join the party in honor,
of her most ancient skin.
Complete decomposition,
is about to begin.

They say that 50,
is the new youth of old age.
If life was a book,
it'd be a smelly old page.

She may perceive,
that she's getting bolder.
But it's her lack of vision,
a mere symptom of older.

Let's not make fun,
she needs our support.
Her memory abandoned,
both long-term and short.

Glad you've agreed,
we'll all see you there.
When you notice her wrinkles,
don't count and don't stare.


So what did you think of that one? If you found it funny, enjoy adding it to the invites:)

It looks like that's the end of the birthday invitation poems section. I hope you had as much fun read these verses as I had writing them. Best of luck with your invites, and enjoy the party.