A Funny Birthday Cake Poem

A Funny Birthday Cake Poem

Have fun reading and sharing the following birthday cake poem.

The Birthday Cake

My daughter's husband baked a cake
for her on her birthday,
she went home for some reason
and there that big cake lay.

She wasn't home for very long,
she stayed for just a while,
but I am sure that fresh baked cake
to her face brought a huge smile.

Well when she returned home again,
she had to smile once more,
that 9" by 13" cake she saw
was different than before.

This cake was in an oblong shape,
when he first got it done,
now she sees this cake again
shaped like a small round sun.

It had some jagged edges
she thought, "Sun rays they must be,"
and thinking, "My three boys
helped decorate this cake for me."

Frosted with bright yellow
now this masterpiece was done,
this 9" by 13" cake
that turned into the sun;

With "Happy Birthday Sheryl,"
written neatly on this cake,
she thought, "That must have taken quite some time
for all of them to make."

Then asking if she saw her cake,
Bri asked her if she knew,
exactly what had happened
and what his dad had to do?

She told him she just figured
they had all helped decorate,
but the real truth was something
she did not anticipate.

Dad wanted it to cool down fast
to put the frosting on,
but when he brought the cake back in,
half of it was gone.

Out on the deck was Girlie,
their fuzzy old sheep dog,
but she ate only half the cake
not wanting to be a hog.

By cutting around what Girlie ate,
he salvaged what he could,
and though I didn't see this cake
I thought he did quite good.

So now you know the story
about this cake when done,
how it went from an oblong cake
into a small cute rounded sun.

And after hearing all of this,
it wasn't too hard to decide,
that I should write this story
cause I laughed until I cried.

by tree.cards