A Beautiful Love Poem for Him

A Beautiful Love Poem for Him

Today’s category is about a – “beautiful love poem for him”. Guys may seem all macho, but deep down inside most are soft and sensitive. The goal with this love poem is to help you get through the exterior barriers.

Whether you share it with your boyfriend or husband, I hope it creates an emotional response.

Amazing Man

Thank you for always being,
right by my side.
As the love of my life,
I may easily confide.

To each of my days,
happiness you bring.
Because of your love,
my heart learned to sing.

I’m lucky and blessed,
you’re an amazing man.
From a simple kiss,
our journey began.

We share more than love,
as we naturally connect.
I feel safe in your arms,
you always protect.

I love you so dearly,
with my heart and my soul.
If your soul is my food,
then your heart is my bowl.

Where our future may take us,
I have no clue.
But I simply can’t wait,
to spend it with you.

by tree.cards

Just want to wish you the best of luck with sharing this love poem with that wonderful guy in your life. May your days together be filled with joy, health, and lots of love.