A Beautiful Love Poem for Her

A Beautiful Love Poem for Her

It’s a very mild late January morning, and Valentine’s Day is 3 short weeks away. I know that most women love receiving sentimental love poetry (anytime of the year). Since the last poem was written to be shared with guys, today’s is meant to be a beautiful love poem for her.

If you like it, then I hope you end up sharing it with that special lady in your life. Whether she’s your girlfriend or wife, I’m sure she’ll love you for it.

Alright, let’s try to get something sweet and romantic on paper (web paper of course!)

Wind In Your Hair

If beauty had a song,
it would begin with your name.
I sing about loving you,
with joy I proclaim.

My heart rate increases,
as you fuel each beat.
Your beautiful body,
is so tender and sweet.

For all of eternity,
at you I could stare.
It’s a beautiful thing,
the love that we share.

Your luscious lips,
consume my whole mind.
When I’m thinking of you,
I see nothing else – I am blind.

All the beauty on earth,
shall never compare.
To that look in your eyes,
with wind in your hair.

by tree.cards

I hope that poem is romantic enough for the love of your life.

You may wish to go for a nice walk with her on a fairly windy day, and surprise her with the poem.

My plan is to take my wife for a walk, but since she’s feeling a bit sick, I may need to create an artificial windy day inside (with a blow dryer). I know that sounds really chessy, but at least it should make her laugh.

Ok, I better go find a blow dryer.

Wish me luck, lol.

p.s. oh, and best of luck with sharing the above, “love poem”, with that special lady in your life.