Asking for Forgiveness Poem

Asking for Forgiveness Poem

Today we will look at a forgiveness poem that may be used to ask someone for forgiveness. Sometimes it may be difficult to ask someone to forgive us. We may feel ashamed and guilty for our actions or words that hurt someone we care about.

Just remember, we all make mistakes, and when our mistakes hurt someone, we should always try to make it right. We may accomplish this through both our actions and words. Hopefully, this poem helps you with the words part.

Why and Why

I’m completely,
filled with guilt,
For the hurt,
that I have built.

I know you’re thinking,
but why and why?
Please forgive,
I hope you try.

I deserve,
all the blame,
I just feel,
so much shame.

I know my actions,
were not right,
I just don’t
wish to fight.

I know you’re thinking,
but why and why?
Please forgive me,
please don’t cry.


We can’t change the past, but we are in control on how we react to issues or tense situations in the future. We just need to find it in our hearts to ask for forgiveness, by revealing our genuine guilt and humility.

I believe it’s important to ask for forgiveness as soon as we find out that we have done something wrong. Even if the person we have wronged hasn’t found out yet. They usually always do, so it’s better to be frank and upfront and ask for forgiveness right away.

If we do it that way, it will help us show that we care and feel guilty (and accept responsibility for our actions). However, if we stall and wait, we’ll just be making things worse.

For those reasons, I’m a big fan of confessing and asking for forgiveness ASAP. I hope the forgiveness poem helps.