Adventure Poem

Adventure Poem

I’ve always considered myself as being the adventurous type. So that’s why I know I’ll enjoy writing today’s adventure poem. I just need to figure out what to include in it.


All little adventure,
will get the blood going.
What you see next,
you’re often not knowing.

Imagine a lush jungle,
that’s completely remote.
Or unforgiving river,
where you struggle to float.

The amount of risk,
no need for excessive.
Like fighting with aligators,
that are purely aggressive.

It’s still an adventure,
that random Sunday ride.
Destination not required,
not even a guide.

Enjoy those moments,
of wind in your hair.
Breath in and savour,
the energizing fresh air.

Any adventure,
you’re free to choose.
As long it’s fun,
you’ll never lose.


My daily blog posts usually consist of one poem (due to other obligations, sure I’d love to write 10 for you guys each day). But right now it’s Saturday morning, and it seems like I’m still the only soul that’s awake. For that reason (and since I love adventures), I just decided to write an extra adventure poem right now. Enjoy!

Lonely Hiker

Lonely Hiker

He entered the forest,
with late November crisp breeze.
With pure confidence,
and near elegant ease.

His task this morning,
was to track and explore.
He was accustomed,
to mother nature’s dark floor.

He heard a sound in the distance,
while raising his head.
A busy chipmunk,
noticed and fled.

This lush northern forest,
felt like his domain.
A place where he could relax,
and rest his old brain.

It seemed like an adventure,
with each step he took.
The cold never surprised him,
as he repeatedly shook.

He always chose this place,
over that busy park.
He was a lonely hiker,
who had to leave his mark.

His adventures were not inspired,
by legends nor fame.
For nature’s fools,
he was simply a game.

The trees ended too soon,
as he pleaded with the sky.
Stone metal structures,
caused this old bear to cry.


In this poem, the “hiker” is actually a bear, who walks around in a forest, thinking that it hasn’t been altered like those public parks. In the last verse, he realizes the reality of it all when he no longer sees trees but rather tall structures (buildings). This caused the big old bear to cry.

I guess this second adventure poem resulted in a much deeper message. I hope it helps remind us about the importance of preserving our natural environment and all the species within it.

Reading that poem made me sad, and I feel like I should be out there with my family enjoying nature’s beauty. Since tomorrow, it may not be there.