55th Birthday Poem for Mom

55th Birthday Poem for Mom

Today the whole family will be celebrating my mother’s 55th birthday. She is a beautiful lady that has blessed my life since day one.

I just want to say – “Mom, I love you, and this 55th birthday poem is dedicated to you:)”

I decided to call this poem, “Love and Grace”, because my mom lives each day with so much love and grace, and her first name is also, Grace.

Love and Grace

Your journey has reached,
fifty-five years.
There were stories along the way,
with both smiles and tears.

Whenever I look,
into your beautiful green eyes.
I see a compassionate lady,
that is loving and wise.

You share your skills,
with loved ones in need.
Your little grandchildren,
you spoil and feed.

Both the mountains and skies,
I wish I could give.
You deserve happiness,
and a long life to live.

May this birthday of yours,
be joyful with cheer.
I’d like to wish you,
a wonderful year.

Thank you so much,
for your love and your grace.
Deep in my heart,
is your home and your place.

by tree.cards

Feel free to share this poem with your wonderful mom.

Best of luck,