40th Birthday Poems

40th Birthday Poems

Here's a few 40th birthday poems that were written for all those who are turning the big four-O. You may want to include one of these unique verses inside a greeting card or simply send it with a nice email. It's your call.

You'll notice that the first one is meant to be uplifting and/or sentimental.

The 2nd and 3rd poems are both intended to be funny. One asks the question whether, "life begins at 40?", while the other one makes fun of aging (or at least the early signs of it).

The last two poems include one for women who are turning forty, and there's one for men as well.

I hope you find one that you like, and may it bring a big smile to that 40 year old you share it with.

The first one is dedicated to Richard Coope, who has turned 40 today.

Wonderful Fortieth

Your wonderful fortieth,
we're excited to share.
Today is your birthday,
and we genuinely care.

Let's take a look back,
at your forty great years.
You clearly deserve,
at least forty sweet cheers.

You age nor your looks,
much attention require.
You're a really good person,
who we truly admire.

Both triumphs and mistakes,
may you take them with stride.
All your experiences,
may you savour inside.

As long as you smile,
and your heart remains light.
This milestone of yours,
will bring you delight.

Your wonderful fortieth,
we're excited to share.
We hope you enjoy it,
since it's special and rare.

By tree.cards

Alright, so that was meant to be a sweet and sentimental poem. The next one is very light-hearted. It asks the question whether life begins at 40.

Does Life Begin at 40?

That life begins at 40,
I'm sure you have heard.
Just look in the mirror,
you know that's absurd.

Life probably begins,
much closer to twenty.
When time and choices,
seem abundantly plenty.

It technically begins,
the day we are born.
Of those Teenage years,
they rarely warn.

So maybe it began,
on your 30th candle.
But 10 years later,
much more you can handle.

Whether life begins at 40,
it's a customized mystery.
You may need to glance back,
at your personal history.

The truth about life,
it begins each new day.
As long as you enjoy it,
and you're willing to play.

By tree.cards

After reading that, what do you think?

Does life begin at forty?

Funny 40th Birthday Poem

Here's a funny 40th birthday poem that you may share with your loved ones. It basically makes fun of turning forty.

Turning 40

The day you turn 40,
precious energy you'll lose.
Between sarcasm and pessimism,
you are welcome to choose.

Yes life will begin at 40,
just subtract forty years.
You must be prepared,
to replace a few gears.

If you truly accept,
the hardest cold truth.
40 is exactly,
the old age of youth.

Let's not kid ourselves,
it's not what you feel.
From this grave disease,
there's no way to heal.

Now you'll be considered,
old and quite wise.
Strangers shall notice,
by that look in your eyes.

You won't receive envy,
the minute 40 you turn.
But your checkmarks and scars,
you'll naturally earn.

By tree.cards

My older sister will be turning forty in a few years, and I'm sure the above poem will make her laugh. Actually, my brother-in-law will turn forty first, so maybe I'll just save it for him.

If you're younger, one of your parents may be turning forty soon. I think it could make any mom or dad laugh.

A 40th Birthday Poem for Women

Since all women love chocolate, I decided to incorporate a chocolate theme into this 40th birthday poem for women.

40 Is Sweet

You're stunningly beautiful,
no matter your age.
May chocolate welcome you,
at every sweet stage.

There's no need to worry,
about the size of your waist.
Just savour each moment,
enjoy as you taste.

From forty chocolate truffles,
you are encouraged to choose.
It's time to get spoiled,
a buy some nice shoes.

Your captivating smile,
radiates forty times more.
You are a wonderful lady,
who we truly adore.

You've just turned forty,
and you're looking quite fine.
Aged to perfection,
just like that wine.

Remember the taste,
that 40 is sweet.
Hope you enjoy,
this chocolaty treat.

By tree.cards

So if you decide to share this poem with a lady that is turning forty, make sure you also include some delicious chocolates with the poem.

If you're the husband or boyfriend, you may want to go with something more romantic. However, if she's a good friend of yours, than this poem is ideal. But it's still totally up to you.

A 40th Birthday Poem for Men

The next 40th birthday poem may be shared with all those men who are turning forty out there. It compares their current state with their youth and it's meant to be more on the humorous side.


You've just turned 40,
and it's time to compare.
With your youthful days,
now go grab a chair.

Let's begin with the obvious,
you're physically slow.
It seems like your hair,
does not want to grow.

Forget about sharp,
it's not in your mind.
Without your glasses,
you're literally blind.

But at least you still have,
some of your charm.
You smell like you live,
right on a farm.

You've just turned 40,
But no need to compare.
This birthday of yours,
we're excited to share.

By tree.cards

That was a short verse that any forty year old guy would laugh at. Maybe I should add a stanza about beer to it? What do you think?

Here's another section where you'll find a 40th birthday invitation poem. If you scroll down, it's the second last poem on that page. Enjoy!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading these 40th birthday poems. Now go out there and share it with that 40 year old in your life (and put a smile on his or her face).