30th Wedding Anniversary Poem

30th Wedding Anniversary Poem

Today my in-laws are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary so I decided to write them this poem. Feel free to share it with that special couple in your life that will be celebrating their 30th.

Thirty Years

We’re here together,
with happy smiles.
To celebrate,
your many miles.

Thirty years,
have truly passed.
You both must feel,
it went by fast.

Do you recall,
that wedding bell.
Countless stories,
please do tell.

For thirty years,
your bond has been strong.
Holding hands right here,
you both belong.

We all wish you,
joy and success.
Love for each other,
may you forever express.

by tree.cards

Traditionally men have shared pearl jewelry with their wives on their wedding 30th anniversary. I’ve also heard that diamonds are also popular as modern gifts. But personally, I’m a bit old school, and would stick with a pearl necklace.

I like pearls for this anniversary because they are classic gifts that possess a sort of timeless elegance. Pearl earrings are also very popular for the 30th.

However, if you’re looking for a gift for a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, then you may consider a nice vase (decorated with a few pearls) or a personalized gift, like a sweet poem.

Well, best of luck sharing this poem with that wonderful couple that have been together for all those years.