1st Birthday Invitation Poem

1st Birthday Invitation Poem

Today’s poem will be a 1st birthday invitation poem. My sister’s baby boy Christian will be celebrating his first birthday in a couple weeks from now. So I thought it would be nice to write an invitation poem for the invites she sends out. If you like the poem, you are also welcome to use it for your invites.

To personalise it for your invites, all you have to do is change the baby’s name in the poem below. In the last stanza you will need to change “his” to “hers” for baby girls.

First Year

It has been,
a beautiful year,
Baby Christian,
has blessed us with cheer.

Grown so much,
we’re so very proud,
Brings us joy,
we’re still on a cloud.

Christian our precious,
would like to invite,
To a celebration,
filled with delight.

One year ago,
it was his birth,
Let us rejoice,
at his first year,
on earth!

by tree.cards

A baby’s first birthday is always a big deal (rightfully so). It’s a time when we celebrate the very first year in a brand new human beings life.

When a baby is just born she/he is very delicate and immobile. But one year old babies have developed to the point where we may play with them and easily recognise their emotions through their facial expressions.

They are certainly buckets full of fun. Some of the most popular videos on Youtube are of babies that are around 1 year of age. One of my favourite ones is Charlie bit my finger.

I hope this first year invitation poem helps bring a little bit of uniqueness to your invites. Feel free to post a comment and let us all know how your baby’s 1st year birthday party turned out. We’ve love to hear about it.