12 Christmas Poems for Kids

12 Christmas Poems for Kids

My Christmas Wish

I wish this Christmas,
that kids like me,
get lots of toys,
under their tree.

I wish this Christmas,
that kids like me,
plenty of happiness,
will feel and see.

I wish this Christmas,
that kids like me,
are never lonely,
and always free.

I wish this Christmas,
that kids like me,
have lots of friends,
on both land and sea.

I wish this Christmas,
that kids like me,
are very healthy,
from A to Z.

But if only one,
wish comes true,
I hope love in their hearts,
sticks just like glue.

by tree.cards

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

It was time to decorate,
our beautiful Christmas tree,
the kids were so excited,
just like penguins in the sea.

We added colorful,
festive holiday lights,
used our imagination,
while eating Christmas delights.

We hung splendid ornaments,
on needles that were dark green,
the manger under the tree,
was the most peaceful scene.

Tinsel icicles sparkled,
red ribbons we placed,
the cat with his Christmas hat,
played with the dog as he chased.

Homemade snowflake crystals,
we made using beads,
we all talked about,
our kind Christmas deeds.

Dangled paper crafts,
and delicious candy canes,
we added a few snowmen,
and elves with very large brains.

The gorgeous tree topper,
was placed very high,
our family photo cube,
caught everyone’s eye.

This holiday tradition,
our whole family has shared,
when we finished decorating,
we just smiled and stared.

by tree.cards

Toys of My Dreams

I fell asleep snoring,
on my pajama sleeve,
jumped into a dream,
on Christmas Eve.

My dream was snowy,
began at the North Pole,
saw an elf slide down a hill,
inside a red bowl.

So I followed the elf,
to Santa’s little town,
where I saw a Snowman,
who was dressed like a clown.

From Santa’s workshop,
I heard a lot of noise,
it’s a magical place,
where they make all the toys.

I opened that huge door,
and quickly stepped inside,
saw the toys of my dreams,
and my eyes just went wide.

Then suddenly I woke up,
early Christmas Day,
Ran down the stairs,
ready to play.

by tree.cards

Cookies for Santa

What type of Christmas cookies,
would you like to bake?
cookies and milk,
will help keep Santa awake.

Let’s make some icing covered,
ginger bread Christmas trees,
reindeer ice-cream sandwiches,
will melt if we don’t freeze.

A cheerful snowman cookie,
stays warm with a scarf that is red,
with two delicious candy canes,
we could make a cookie sled.

Sparkly sugar-topped snickerdoodles,
will surely cheer up any elf,
we should hide these special treats,
on the very top shelf.

Let’s make colourful mitten,
swinter hats and Santa’s old boots,
we will cut out these cookies,
and add sugary fruits.

Yummy vanilla snowflakes,
and chocolate covered bells,
Santa will enjoy the mall,
they’re just like magical spells.

by tree.cards

Homemade Christmas Cards

It’s so much fun to make,
your own Christmas cards,
a great way to show others,
your creative regards.

Draw stockings, a brick chimney,
angels and a beautiful wreath,
Add a sticker of Rudolph,
with a red nose and white teeth.

Cut out fun Christmas shapes,
and glue on colourful glitter,
put some on Scrooge,
since he’s always quite bitter.

Add buttons to wire ring snowman,
or just a very shiny red bow,
you may need some cotton,
to create that white snow.

Paint on blank cards,
and set your imagination free,
your jolly greetings will spread,
Christmas spirit, you’ll see.

Sharing homemade cards,
is a very thoughtful delight,
wish others a Merry Christmas,
that is both joyful and bright.

by tree.cards

Christmas Songs

Let’s sing some songs,
right now and here,
since Christmas time,
is joyfully near.

We’ll sing about Rudolph,
and his nose that glows,
on those foggy nights,
Santa’s way it shows.

We’ll sing Jingle Bells,
and that one horse open sleigh,
imagine how fun it would be,
to ride in one all day.

We’ll sing about Santa,
coming to town,
we better smile,
and delete any frown.

We’ll sing about Frosty,
with the kids he played,
even though it was sunny,
and they couldn’t find shade.

Let’s sing these songs,
right now and here,
Christmas spirit shall enter,
each soul and ear.

by tree.cards

Anne The Snowman

They looked out the window,
with amazement and joy,
it was snowing outside,
their most precious dear toy.

They quickly bundled up,
with hats, jackets and mittens,
ready to play all day,
like a litter of kittens.

Right from the beginning,
they all had a plan,
to build a special snowman,
and just call her Anne.

They gathered the snow,
worked together with care,
Anne their beautiful snowman,
with all the kids they would share.

Anne’s scarf had yellow dots,
the kids gave her a big smile,
her hair was curly brown,
she loved her brand new style.

Anne thanked the children,
for the hat that kept her warm,
she knew it’d come in very handy,
at night when there’s a storm.

by tree.cards

Santa’s Reindeer

One wintery evening Santa’s reindeer,
were resting in their comfy stable,
Rudolph and the others,
were eating dinner at their table.

Santa needed them to be strong,
so they finished all their food,
dancer turned on Christmas music,
because he was in a dancing mood.

Blitzen and Dasher enjoyed galloping,
so they went for a friendly jog,
Prancer surprised them from a bush,
when he jumped out like a frog.

Comet and Donner,
with snowballs played catch,
they used their large antlers,
when it was time for a match.

Cupid and Vixen stayed behind,
and Christmas stories they shared,
they drew festive pictures,
and yummy cookies prepared.

Rudolph was super happy,
that all his friends were having fun,
he knew Santa would need the mall,
when the moon replaced the sun.

by tree.cards

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s workshop,
is a magical place,
where elves and toys,
share time and space.

These cheerful elves,
use many tools,
to have fun while working,
is one of their golden rules.

They make dolls, figurines,
board games and bikes,
it all depends,
what each kid likes.

They make video games,
and lots of books they print,
talking stuffed animals,
now that’s just a hint.

Santa’s workshop,
is at the North Pole,
where Santa and his elves,
dedicate their heart and soul.

They work awfully hard,
for smiles and joys,
all the good children,
shall receive fantastic toys.

by tree.cards

My Christmas Wish List

I wrote a nice letter,
to dear Santa Clause,
and asked for a lion,
with very large paws.

I am happy and excited,
about my Christmas list,
and made sure to ask,
for a Rubik's twist.

I'm a bit too old,
to play with sing-a-ma-jigs,
may I change my list,
a few pigs?

My wish list is filled,
with things that are fun,
if Santa is super strong,
he will bring me the sun.

I know that Santa Clause,
is a very busy guy,
if I don't get anything,
I promise not to cry.

One thing on my wish list,
that's better than any toy,
spending time with family,
sharing laughter and joy.

by tree.cards

Christmas Morning
The children woke up,
with excitement and cheer,
they’ve been waiting for this,
the entire long year.

They ran down stairs,
yelling out loud,
the giggling and jumping,
attracted a crowd.

Santa’s empty milk glass,
they simply ran by,
to their smiling parents,
they forgot to say hi.

Shiny gift wrappers were torn,
in all directions went flying,
the baby was confused,
which resulted in crying.

Their parents were happy,
and accepted the noise,
they were thrilled to watch,
their kids with their toys.

It was a wonderful morning,
the family spent time.shared simple acts of kindness,
just like this rhyme.

by tree.cards

The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas,
with its timeless joys,
children await,
exciting new toys.

Many family traditions,
are truly unique,
grandma will squeeze,
your cute little cheek.

Kids run outside,
and play in the snow,
their glowing smiles,
they gladly show.

Arts and crafts,
with friends we make,
delicious cookies,
we help mom bake.

Outside it’s often,
cold with a chill,
but in our hearts,
there’swarmth and goodwill.

The Christmas season,
is magically sweet,
together we share it,
it’s a wonderful treat.

by tree.cards